One Touch Select Simple Glucometer

Johnson & Johnson

One Touch Choose Straightforward Glucometer

Meter Cost : Rs: 1090.00

50 Pieces : Rs:900

Each Remove : Rs:18

You will need a blood glucose levels meter that is monitoring help in keeping an eye on their blood glucose levels indication. With this and their physicians let, you are able to better manage your diabetes.

a blood sugar watch with additional features and pros that produce monitoring their blood sugar levels much easier and efficient. With colour and alerts that are audio you're informed whenever your blood sugar tend to be reduced, large or extremely high2. All you need to do is insert the strip to start, apply blood, and results can be obtained in a matter of seconds with its icon-driven interface and no coding, setup or buttons.

Made by Johnson and Johnson Ltd., a reputation you can rely on for top quality and attention which you have earned, SelectSimple is among those unusual sugar monitors that bundle simplicity with reliability at an price that is affordable.

ONETOUCH SelectSimple was particularly made with your preferences at heart. You are helped by it sound right with the levels and lows, makes it possible to build much better effects.

It's an 3-step that is easy icon-driven software without any programming, no create with no keys.

Step one: Put remove.

Step two: employ blood on remove

Step three: Acquire outcome

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High-low colour and alerts that are audio colour and sound notifications, you're alerted whenever BG degree are really large, large or reduced

High-low alarm reference credit – it permits your medical professional to modify their action plan empowering you to much better determine what corrective procedures to try, when alerted of very high or blood that is low degree. In order to manage hypo- and episodes that are hyper-glycemic, considering their medical doctors guidance

Top quality attention from Johnson and Johnson Ltd. – Manufactured by Johnson and Johnson Ltd., a true name you can rely on for top quality and attention which you have earned.

Constantly results that are accurate ONETOUCH SelectSimple satisfies the ISO reliability specifications of ISO 15197:200316.

No-coding, no create with no keys – It's an interface that is icon-driven no programming, no create or no keys. Merely put the remove to start out, implement bloodstream, and outcome can be had in just a matter of mere seconds.

Financially cost – ONETOUCH SelectSimple are a blood sugar levels system that is monitoring Johnson & Johnson Ltd. that will be financially cost. Both the meter and pieces are actually inexpensive in order to continue doing home monitoring to cut back the possibility of building fitness issues. ONETOUCH SelectSimple was particularly made with your preferences at heart.

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