Peppered Fish Fillets Is A Must Make! This Is A Hit At African Parties

We do not imagine Ive been because excited about any meal when I are with this specific one.
This seafood are covered with a legendary insanely great sweet and sauce that is spicy. You really need to completely get this to and take pleasure in at your home.

Peppered fish meal


about 1 kg of seafood fillets
5 tomatoes
1 bell pepper that is green
2 habaneros (chile peppers)
1 onion that is medium
1 stalk onion that is green
5 garlic cloves – peeled
2 seasoning/stock that is small – Maggi 4g per cube
1 tsp sodium
/teaspoon floor pepper that is white
a cupful oils
Fresh coriander actually leaves for seasoning


Slash seafood fillets into 3-4 pieces each. Clean completely and tap dry with a paper bath towel.
Utilizing a chopping panel, cut the tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, garlic, and onions that are green.

Pour one glass of oils into another cooking pot. Allow it warm up on large for around five minutes you can add the sliced onions, garlic, bell pepper immediately after which the tomatoes. Allow it prepare for around ten full minutes till the pepper/tomato sauce shrinks and starts staying with the base of the cooking pot.

Add half a tsp of sodium, Maggi, and land pepper that is white. Blend better.

Incorporate the seafood fillets and blend to properly ensure the sauce coats the seafood. Allow it simmer along for around three minutes subsequently become the heat off. Period with new coriander foliage and luxuriate in cozy!