Quick, Easy And Yummy Chicken Pilau

This poultry pilau is not just rewarding, its healthier, easy and delicious doing, a company preferred because of the family members

Poultry pilau dish

Assists three or four
Preparing Times: 15 minutes
Prepare Times: 36 moments
Prepared in: 46 moments

a cupful grain (500g)
2 onions that are large
1 clove smashed garlic
20 grammes pilau masala
glass veggie oils
kg chicken
3 big carrots, peeled and cubed (big cubes)
1 glasses water that is cold
Sodium to flavor

In a preparing cooking pot, fry onions until brown (about burned although not this allow the colour that is brown the finish items), incorporate garlic, sodium, pilau masala, let to prepare for just two to3 moments, include poultry and carrots, try to let make until prepared and potatoes 1 / 2 prepared.
Pour when you look at the grain, blend to merge all formulation, add the 1 then glasses h2o and provide a boil over high temperature using the preparing cooking pot revealed. After the water-level moved straight down, decrease the heating, address with foil report or kitchen that is brown and prepare for an additional two to three moments or until h2o possess dried out.

Become your heat off, fluff the grain and place apart for around five minutes.

Provide with kachumbari and home-made that is hot.


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