Rehmannia – Medicinal Uses

Rehmannia – Rehmannia glutinosa
Sheng di huang
The best herbs for kidney maintenance are not as well known in Western medicine while many herbs are popular for liver and colon health. Those nausea that is suffering lack of desire for food, stunted growth, dried-out skin, sleep problems, quantity troubles, or bloated vision must look into a kidney flush.

a recurrent with huge gooey dried leaves and purple flora, rehmannia is among the most importantherb for renal and adrenal fitness in Chinese medication (where it's known as di huang) .Rehmannia underlying is utilized medicinally plus it consists of phytosterols and anti-oxidants (like rehmannin), combined with iridoid glycosides (like catapol). Rehmannia was mainly usedas a kidney tonic and to cleanse the the liver and also to address hepatitis. Rehmannia treatsautoimmune problems such lupus, arthritis rheumatoid, numerous sclerosis andfibromyalgia. Rehmannia assists address alopecia, breathing problems, menopausal and otherhormone disorders that are related. Rehmannia keeps properties that are diuretic.