Semolina Cake With Unexpectedly Scrumptious Twist

The semolina bakes into a layer that is crunchy the best and bottom but stays damp and fine within.
Semolina Meal Meal

This meal try great. We caused it to be for a few close pals in addition they are content making use of moistness and consistency.

It really is as easy as this: Ingredients
a cupful glucose
1 / servings oil that is vegetable
4 egg
1 tangerine, zested and juiced
2 servings semolina
a cupful self-raising flour
1 tsps that are Powder

Preheat range to 165C.
Room glucose, veggie petroleum, egg, orange gusto and juices into a pan. Combine until materials are merged.
Blend collectively semolina, flour, and cooking dust until merged, next gradually include it with the ingredients that are wet blending.
Fat and range a meal skillet and put inside the blend.
Bake at 165C for 55-60 mins, until golden-brown additionally the meal try company at the center.