Simple Tasty Biryani

The grade of herbs plays a role in the initial styles of this plate. In conjunction with styles of herbs delicately coupled with grain and poultry helps make an combination that are aromatic is difficult to withstand.

Politeness: Eddy Oloo



1 kg grain
/ kg chicken
4 onions that are big
3 tomatoes that are big
4 tablespoonful tomato insert
1 bit ginger
5 items garlic bulb
2 glasses milk that is sour [mala]
Biryani masala/pilau masala
Sodium to flavor
Result in the grain as always and it cook before it dries up completely add saffron powder and cover and let. Combination garlic and ginger and incorporate 3 teaspoons of biryani/pilau masala. Place the mixture in a bowl and incorporate the poultry, 4 tablespoonful of tomato insert, sliced tomatoes and milk that is sour allow it stay immediately [refrigerated].
Slash onions into bands and fry that is deep they become golden-brown, subsequently put away, meanwhile, fry in a preparing cooking pot the blend which in fact had already been marinated / with a cup oils in lowest temperatures to allow the poultry prepare better. Incorporate salt to style, stir the foodstuff constantly till the mixture that is whole better prepared, adding the onions and allow it prepare for fifteen minutes.
Eliminate and provide with kachumbari salad.


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