Spaghetti And Shrimps With Spinach

This pasta dish with oatmeal is really lightweight, hearty, with a really flavor that is pleasant very easy to plan. Their suitable for meal with buddies.



400 grms shrimps
200 grms oatmeal
6 cloves of garlic
125 grms pasta
Pepper (to preferences)
3 / tablespoons oil that is olive
Coriander (to preferences)
1 orange fruit juice
Sodium (to preferences)


Period the shrimps which includes sodium, orange pepper and juice. Place the shrimps in a saucepan with liquids and provide a boil over high temperature. When begins heating, reduce to heat that is low prepare about ten minutes. Whenever the shrimps include prepared, peel all of them and place apart on a plate.
Clean better the oatmeal, strain all of them and place apart.

Place the oil that is olive the sliced garlic in a saucepan and saute somewhat over lower heating about two to three moments. Include the shrimps, blend and make about five minutes. Subsequently, include the oatmeal, make extra five minutes and change the heat off.

Meanwhile, prepare the pasta in a saucepan with h2o skilled with a drizzle of organic olive oil and a salt that is little. Whenever the pasta is actually prepared, deplete they better. Include the pasta into the oatmeal saucepan and together mix all with two forks. Put the cooking pan straight back in the stove over lower heating about two to three moments. Become the heat off, spread with sliced coriander and provide.