Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Deliciously loaded cabbage foliage, easy and quick.

Loaded cabbage are a dish that is wonderful this cool period. Their satisfying and cozy, as well as its additionally very healthy. Their gluten free of charge, lower in carbohydrates, saturated in healthy protein and filled up with dietary fiber.

/ cup drinking water
/ cup raw rice that is white
8 cabbage foliage
/ kg beef that is minced
/ glass sliced onion
1 egg, somewhat outdone
1 tsp sodium
/ tsp floor pepper that is black
1 package tomato soup (ready based on guidelines)

In an average saucepan, deliver drinking water to a boil. Incorporate stir and rice. Minimize temperatures, simmer and cover for twenty minutes.

Deliver a big, wider saucepan of gently water that is salted a boil. Incorporate cabbage foliage and prepare for just two to 4 moments or until softened; empty.

In an average blending dish, incorporate the beef that is minced a cupful prepared grain, onion, egg, sodium, and pepper, together with 2 tablespoons of tomato soups. Blend completely.

Separate the meat blend uniformly on the list of cabbage foliage. Roll and protected all of them with toothpicks or sequence. The cabbage rolls and pour the remaining tomato soup over the top in a large skillet over medium heat, place. Include and push to a boil. Minimize temperatures to reduced and simmer for around 40 moments, basting and stirring making use of the fluid usually.


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