The Ultimate One-Pot Coconut Fried Rice

Get this to Coconut Fried grain for sets from activities to potlucks to enjoyable in the home to ready dinner. It's vegan also which indicates no meats or poultry or protein that is animal.

Coconut fried rice menu

The grain are prepared in coconut whole milk then stir-fried in coconut oils. Completely coconutty and vegan!


2 glasses parboiled grain
1 can coconut dairy
1 onion that is medium sliced
/ stalk leeks – sliced
4 cloves garlic – minced
/ purple bell pepper – sliced
1 average carrot – sliced
10 beans that are green
/cup frozen corn that is sweet rinsed and thawed
/cup frozen peas that are sweet rinsed and thawed
4 tablespoons oil that is coconut
/teaspoon white pepper
2 seasoning cubes (Maggi) about 4g per cube
/teaspoon sodium


In a pot that is large make the grain, coconut dairy, drinking water, sodium and spread inside the seasoning cubes. Provide a boil over high temperature subsequently reduce steadily the temperature to average and allow it to prepare for ten minutes. Become the heat off and allow it to sleep for the next ten minutes. Nonsense grain with a fork and then leave revealed.
An additional cooking pot, put inside the coconut set and oil to warm up for around three minutes. Incorporate the onions and saute until fragrant. About 2 moments.

Incorporate the saute and garlic until fragrant. About 2 moments.

Incorporate the leeks and blend for around 1 instant.

Incorporate the celery and blend. Incorporate the beans that are green blend. Incorporate the bell pepper, sweet-corn and peas subsequently blend better.

Spread a-pinch of sodium on the greens. Incorporate pepper that is white blend better.

Incorporate grain to your sauteed vegetables just a little at a right time, combining any time you incorporate the grain. Become the heat off and provide hot.

Menu Records
Then passing through a fine sieve to separate the milk from the chaff if canned coconut milk is not readily available to you, you could make your own coconut milk by blending fresh coconut with water.

Then you could add some chili/habanero pepper to suit your heat tolerance if you love heat. Incorporate the pepper prior to including the greens.


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