Vegetable Quesadillas For A Healthy Lunch

These quesadillas generate a good meatless dinner for a lunch that is healthy! Provide with red-colored or environmentally friendly salsa and light cream that is sour.
Causes 4 portions. 1 tortilla per portion.
Prep energy: 15 minutes
Prepare times: a quarter-hour

Veggie Quesadillas Dish


Nonstick spray that is cooking
glass sliced bell pepper that is green
glass suspended corn, thawed
cup cut onion that is green
glass sliced tomato
2 tablespoons sliced cilantro that is fresh
4 (6-inch) flour tortillas
glass shredded decreased Cheddar that is fat or Jack cheddar

Spray an average skillet with nonstick preparing jet. Saut bell corn and pepper until softened, about five minutes.
Incorporate onion that is green tomato; prepare for several moments considerably until heated up through; blend in cilantro.
Heating tortillas in a skillet that is large high temperature. Destination equivalent levels of cheddar and veggie for each tortilla; fold in two and continue steadily to prepare until cheddar are melted and tortilla are sharp and lightly browned. Provide while hot.


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