Yummy Cabbage And Carrots Salad

I take sunflower oil for this one), ground black pepper and celery seeds (both of which are optional), and salt as you probably guessed already, this simple salad consists of two main ingredients: cabbage and carrots, dressed with oil.
That is an extremely dtryh that is simple is a comfort snacks in my situation. I recall ingesting this as a young child but also for some cause, it is often awhile since I have cooked this green salad. Now, it really stumbled on my personal brain and that I begun carving so I thought Ill share this recipe for it so I made it and paired it up with some curry.It might not be very special for everyone but it is close to my heart.

Leftovers may be kept in the refrigerator for a days that are few green salad doesnt drop style over time.
Cabbage and Celery Green Salad with Petroleum Meal
It will require about 15 minutes to get ready this green salad. It could be supported as a relative side plate or an appetizer. It is possible to devour this only for you.It also works well for a snack when you need to make something tasty fast by itself with some steam rice and it would be heaven.


Tiny cabbage mind
2-3 celery
/ cup sunflower petroleum
Surface pepper that is black flavoring
Sodium to flavoring
Just how to make

Ready formulation: Cabbage and celery green salad meal, remove leaves that are top cabbage, shred it great (remove base component). Added cabbage that is shredded a bowl, section by section, sodium every one of servings to flavoring; squeeze cabbage along with your hands to smoothen down they, subsequently put aside.
Strip and grate celery over huge slot machines, enhance the pan next month with surface pepper that is blackrecommended) to flavoring. And season and mix with sunflower petroleum. Combine once again and convert green salad to a serving pan

Subsequently act as a relative side plate or appetizer. Appreciate!


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